Monday, October 10, 2011

We (still) need your help, Star Fox!

So get this. I left for my overseas holiday on September 13th, which was exactly two days before Star Fox 64 3D came out in Australia. Because of region locking making an American copy useless to me, this effectively meant that I had to wait nearly an entire extra month to get my Star Fox fixin's.

I finally ended that wait today.

I love the fact that, though at first you think Fox is looking over his shoulder to check the bogey that is pelting him with laser fire, it's probably more likely he's peering over in Slippy's direction, who, in this single image, is in great danger.

First off, you've got the pink lasers of Fox's enemy whizzing by, which Slippy appears to have drifted past obliviously, you've got more enemy fire in the form of a green plasma beam that has narrowly missed his froggy tail, and you've got a gigantic exploding bee headed right for him.

Oh Slippy, you suck ass, bro.

...I'm sure this is relevant to this blog somehow.

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