Thursday, November 24, 2011

My mate Sonic

In case it wasn't drummed in your head enough times prior to this, I was a massive fan of Sonic the Hedgehog growing up. And I still love that blue gaffer, be it in his classic, pudgy form, or as the spindly wise-ass of today.

Me and Sonic, we go way back, you see. As soon as I nabbed my first Sonic game bundled with the Sega Genesis (Sonic 2, in case you were wondering. I was a year late to the party), I was hooked. Whether it was Sonic gear for my birthday, or a Sonic costume for Halloween, I was proud to show off my true colours (blue, with some red thrown in).

...Oops! How did that third photo get in there? Isn't that the figure set that came bundled in the collector's edition...?

Why, yes. Yes, it is.

A little while ago, I bit the bullet and made the most frivolent purchase of my young life. I'm not entirely proud of it, but I can't help but feel satisfied. For I paid a grand tally of $527.32 Australian to nab the elusive box of wonder.

Because, like I said, Sonic Generations is more than a game. It's a culmination and celebration of 20 years worth of fandom (well, 19 in my case, but let's not split hairs). Consider this my way of thanking Sonic for years of good service, and as I proceed in this blog, expect to see one or two pieces of Sonic gear finally leaving my possession.

Like Sonic, I'm growing up, and it's time for me to give a little piece of my past to the next generation.

Though, that's not entirely true. It's not like I'm going to offload something awesome like Sonic & Knuckles or Sonic Adventure 2... More likely, they'll just get the Sonic candy container or something. But still. It's the thought that counts.

Sonic the Hedgehog... here's to 20 more years, and many more beyond that!

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