Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Toying Around

On January 11th, 2011, I began to undertake a most unusual task. Not unusual on a base level, mind, because it was a premise as simple as clearing out all the clutter of my youth and getting rid of my old toys.

Unusual, however, because I have chosen to reflect with care (or disdain) on each item I discard, like Shakespeare would form a sonnet, or the media would blurt another Tim Tebow article.

And though it has lessened the guilt I feel about rejecting these old plastic/fluffy/digital friends, it has also made this process really... freaking... slow!

To observe, I have recently unleashed Ickis, item #34. That's less than three toys a month. 0.1 toy a day. 0.00006 toys per minute! If this were a production line, I would have gone out of business.

But whatever. It's a labour of love. A strange, creepy kind of love (like Billy Bob and Angelina Jolie), but it's there. Without the blood in a vial.

I digress. Happy one year anniversary to INAKA! How much more progress do I have to make until I've cleared away an entire tub of memories?

...A fair bit.


  1. 1) Congrats on the milestone! Happy anniversary!

    2) Can I call 'dibs' on that giant Krang now?!?!

  2. 1) Thanks man! :D

    2) Absolutely! He's a little worn; some marks and torn stickers, plus a missing antennae, but still serviceable. If you're still interested, send me an email!

  3. I see a few things in that pile I wouldn't mind having like that fraggle rock car and the pokemons.

  4. Not a problem at all! Just shoot over your details via email and I'll action that!