Thursday, March 15, 2012

Some statistics for your consideration

I believe I have expressed a few times prior to this, that I have gained a growing obsession with tracking all of the odd little viewing statistics of this blog every now and then. And some of these notions are so delightful, I thought I would share them with you.

1. Out of the top ten most common search phrases that lead people here, six of them are variations of searches for Ninja Turtles costumes. I only ever used one slightly irrelevant photo of a Ninja Turtles costume in an entry, and I am looking all the cleverer for it now, having garnered 359 views simply because of it. Thank you, horrifying Leonardo.

2. The fifth-most page views, ranked by country, have come from Germany. This is amusing to me, because as near as I recall, I have not once made reference to Germany (until now). Hello, Germans!

3. Some Google phrases that have apparently helped people find this blog:

"puncturing her boobs" video

lion king scar king of gay

ay girl my metapod only knows one move :harden

4. To make this entry (vaguely) toy relevant, I've enclosed a wallet-sized photo for your enjoyment.

I assume you have a large wallet.


  1. My third biggest post of all time was a stupid one off throwaway post about the Snorks. I included a picture of a gal in a tube top (if you know the Snorks you'll get the reference) and that image is one of my biggest image hits.

    1. I have read this post you mentioned!! I came for Snorks. I swear.


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