Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Charity case?

Incidentally, seeing how these toys are destined to be jettisoned off into the unknown, if you're interested by anything you see, feel free to leave a comment, and it could be yours!

I'm not typically one for mailing items overseas, so I may have to work out the kinks a little bit, but I ask only that you send some cash my way for postage. The toy itself is yours, FREE OF CHARGE.

I'm tempted to then claim that postage will cost hundreds of dollars, but I'll refrain. Honest.

I typically hold onto the toys for anywhere between a week and a few months after reviewing them (because I'm horrendously lazy), so be quick and don't miss out on gaining a dusty Hulk Hogan figure of your very own!

...Before you mention it, yes I'm aware that nobody reads this blog to begin with, but I just thought I'd put it out there anyway, so nobody can ever claim that I didn't attempt to be generous.

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