Friday, August 17, 2012

Movers 'n' Shakers

You'll have to pardon my lack of updates lately; I've recently moved out of home. What a terrifying, exhausting and expensive venture it has been, and I'm still in the process of settling in, running around frantically like a headless chicken, or a Blemmyes, if your knowledge of old European lore is up to snuff.

And through it all, my main concern is where exactly I'll be able to display my horrifying Chamberlain figure. Jess isn't too keen on the idea of brandishing him proudly at everyone who enters the abode. But I'm sure she'll come around.

...Wouldn't you?


  1. He's a great figure, ours is sitting right beside our Landstrider statue

  2. Great figure and congrats on the exciting move.